5 Personalized Gifts for Her

Jessica Jones

When you are buying a gift for someone it can be a struggle, you want to get them something personal and unique that they are actually going to like. Here are some personalized gift ideas for her to help get your creative juices flowing:


1. Flatterbox

A Flatterbox is truly a gift from the heart and really shows the recipient just how much they are loved. This is also the gift that keeps on giving, overtime they sit down to read the sentiments they will get that same feeling of being loved all over again.

2. Necklaces

These are especially great for new moms, a necklace with baby’s initial, birthstone and/or birthdate are a nice sentimental way of marking that new milestone.

3. Watercolor Portrait

There are a ton of sellers on Etsy who will turn a photograph into a watercolor. Get creative and personal here, get a watercolor of something they will really enjoy whether it is a family portrait, dog or a portrait of them.

4. Kids Art Pillow

If they are the type of parents that have their kids artwork hung up all over the house why not turn it into an actual decor item, take some artwork that matches their home decor and have it turned into a throw pillow or blanket.

5. Spa Day

Get them a spa day or a gift certificate to get their favorite spa treatment done.


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