6 Ways to Make Your Anniversary Party Stand Out

Jessica Jones

Whether you are planning an anniversary celebration for yourself or a loved one you will want to make sure the party celebrates the happy couple in a fun and memorable way.


Here are six ways you can make sure your party stands out:


1. Theme

Whether you want a formal or informal party you can get creative with the theme, consider a decade party that corresponds with the amount of time they have been married (e.g.. 20th anniversary, Roaring 20’s party). Another fun idea is a couples party, have the guests come dressed as their favorite Hollywood couple. You can also think outside the box and draw the theme from some of the couple’s favorite things, for example if the couple loves to cook have a food themed party with cooking demo stations.


 2. Food

Of course you want to make sure the food tastes good, but remember you can also have fun. Set up food stations where guests can customize their food, some include a cupcake decorating station or s’mores station. Tie the stations into the party by having a sign stating what the particular food means to the couple.


3. Guest Book

You will want to remember who was there to share the day with you, but no one wants to sign a book when they get there anymore than you want to take it home. Consider having them write a personal message on a notecard when they arrive, like a grab-n-go Flatterbox or writing a message on a board and holding it up for a picture.


4. Favors

Try to pick a favor that fits the theme and is also something that the guests will enjoy. While personalized glasses are nice they usually end up collecting dust somewhere. Opt for a cute edible favor or a donation to a charity instead.


5. Decorations

Make sure the focus of the party is the couple and incorporate them into the decorations. Create a number collage, cut out the number of the anniversary they are celebrating and fill it with pictures of them over the years. For the table numbers use pictures of the couple for each year (table 1 has a picture from 1st year of marriage…). Around the entrance of the party hang up pictures of the couple on a line with clothespins or make a balloon chandelier with the pictures at the bottom as the ballot weights.


6. Gifts

Getting a gift for a couple is hard, there is always a gift card to their favorite restaurant or the movies, but it’s always nice to get a gift from the heart. If you have access to all the guests’ emails before the event make a Flatterbox, ask the guests to share how much the couple means to them and then give all the responses to the couple at the party.

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