This is your life or a roast and toast in a box! You don't think anyone is noticing and then every time you baby sat for a little cousin or hired them, dropped off a pot of chicken soup, conversed over a beach chair or martini, attended a HS Prom or met your husband's colleagues, or even took your step daughter for errands; comes back to kiss you in the face in a neat little box -- it really takes your breath away. -Marla R - Philadelphia, PA
We gave our mom a Flatterbox for her 80th Birthday. She was overwhelmed by all of the people who expressed their love, some she hasn’t seen in decades! This isn’t something that sits on a shelf. It’s a gift that warms the heart each time you read through the cards. Showing someone how much they are loved is always the perfect gift. Best gift idea ever! -Lisa H - Clearwater, FL
I LOVE the whole concept of the Flatterbox. My mom was diagnosed with stage four cancer. I wanted to do something extra special for Mother's Day to show her how much I care (flowers were simply not enough given the circumstances). Flatterbox was perfect because it allowed me - and everyone else in her life - to express just how much she means. It is difficult for people to express themselves at a time like this, Flatterbox allowed us to do so in a way everyone felt comfortable. Plus, she has them handy when she needs them. A very thoughtful way to show someone you care. -Julie - Houston, TX
I got a Flatterbox for my parents 50th.  We were celebrating as a family, but I knew a lot of people would want to celebrate with them.  This was the perfect way to include people.  I know of at least two other families who are now going to use Flatterbox because of their experience using it for my parents. -Jill R.
Flatterbox is such a great concept.  It allows a large group of people to produce a very personal/special gift for any occasion, with very little effort and/or coordination.  Absolutely anyone would love to receive a box filled with heart felt messages from the special people in your life. -Shannon K.
We collected testimonials from friends and family to celebrate a family member's birthday.  What a beautiful gift!  This would be so meaningful as a teacher or coach appreciation gift, where the whole class or team could share a sentiment. -Lauren S.
I was incredibly pleased with Flatterbox and its process. It was easy. I even received an unexpected email from someone from Flatterbox offering to expedite my order, as she noticed that the turnaround time for my order was rather ambitious. Talk about service! I'll be back soon. -Delvin
The Flatterbox gift we gave our daughter for high school graduation was the perfect sentimental gift we were looking for. Also, the Flatterbox team was SO accommodating and great to work with! -Linda
My family gave my mother a Flatterbox for her 70th birthday.  She was thrilled and touched to read sentiments from all the people in her life - it was the opportunity to show her how much she is loved!  She keeps the cards at her reading chair and looks at them every day. (The quality of the cards is stunning!)  Thank you for your beautiful product and excellent customer service! -Kim Force
Flatterbox made it possible for all of my mom's friends and family, near and far, to participate in a gift for her. I have never been able to include so many people in such a thoughtful gift. -Chandler
The product is distinctive, personal and elegant.  The staff is wonderful to work with. -Linell S.
Since we no longer have Mom and Dad with us, I love that I was able to give my sister parenting advice from their friends and our family. It feels like mom and dad are with us reading through the box of advice. -Juli Jadick
This was a wonderful and thoughtful gift for my grandmother's 90th birthday. She was amazed at the sentiments everyone submitted and loved sitting there reading through them all. I will use this as a gift idea again, and esp. love the "I love you because" box option. -Rebecca
With such a simple gesture you can send such heartfelt thoughts to someone you love- a gift that puts meaning to 'it is the thought that counts' -Rebecca Porter
My husband, a writer who always says beautiful things about others, loved receiving a Flatterbox of fond memories about him from family and friends. It is a cherished gift. -Mary Magner
It was like getting a box of love from my favorite people! -Erica Payne
Sitting near the shadowbox with the flag on our living room table from my father's funeral is a small case of memories. The memory Flatterbox cards from his friends and family have provided a constant source of comfort for myself and my mom. Every time we pick it up and read it, a smile and great memories flood back to us about how he touched so many peoples lives. It is a cherished memory and something that helps provide us with enjoyment and comfort. -Kevin Cooney, Jr - Philadelphia, PA
Our dear Aunt Helen turned 92 in September and our entire family of 30 took the time to email one, sometimes two nice things we all think about her and how much she means to us. Thinking it was a nice idea, we took the FlatterBox to her and although her current room could only fit six of us, Helen felt as if all 30 of us were present when she---one by one, read each quote aloud. Tears were flowing and it made for a fantastic gift. In fact, she loves it way beyond our expectations. A “Grand Slam Home Run” is how my brother put it. A gift for someone none of us know what to get besides a card! I’m thinking of doing it for my son’s 16th next year... and what a great idea for a wedding, or a get well soon, etc type of occasion. Aunt Helen has all 32 quotes memorized, keeps the beautiful box near her bed and has laminated each one because she does not want to spill coffee on one. Truly a cherished gift! The entire Brennan family can’t thank you enough. OK - So now how do we top this when she turns 93? -Tom Brennan
I bought a Flatterbox for my daughter, Tamar, on the occasion of her Bat Mitzvah. All of her family and friends had such beautiful things to say about her — receiving their sentiments leading up to the event was actually a great gift for me! The finished product was a work of art — the printed cards were lovely and the box itself was very special. I gave the Flatterbox to Tamar at her Bat Mitzvah celebration in front of all the guests, who had participated in the process leading up to it. It was a heartfelt moment for all, especially Tamar; and she keeps it sitting front and center on her bedroom desk, giving her something to feel good about every time she walks in there. -Daniel Erlbaum
My husband surprised me with a flatter box for my birthday. I was completely moved by the sweet and funny notes inside created by my friends and family. The beautiful box now sits by my bed, and I pull out notes and read them frequently to remind myself of what is important in life. This is one of my favorite gifts from my husband in our 20 years together. -Kirstin Hoefer - San Francisco, CA
Receiving a Flatterbox at the end of the school year is truly a memory maker for a teacher! Reading the flattering and complementary notes on that last school day provoked feelings of joy, accomplishment and melancholy. Saving the Flatterbox and reading the kind thoughts from students years from now will be like opening a treasure of memories. Great gift idea from class to teacher! -Theresa Booz
For my wife’s birthday last year, Flatterbox gave us a unique way for friends and family, who could not actually join us for the event, to share their thoughts and sentiments on this special occasion. It was wonderful to watch her reaction as she opened each personalized and heartfelt note. What a beautiful way to experience our shared love and appreciation for her! -Mike Dwyer