Personalized Gifts for Him

Jessica Jones

The men in my life are especially hard to shop for, every birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas I struggle with what to get them.  I want to get them a gift that really shows them just how much they mean to me that they will also get use from and really appreciate. If you are anything like me and struggle with what gifts to get the men in your life check out this list of meaningful gifts to get you started.


1. Personalized play list

This was a big hit with my husband, I made a playlist of some of his favorite songs and put them on his phone while he was sleeping. This was also one of the most inexpensive gifts I have given him, but definitely one of his favorites.

2. Flatterbox

Sometimes its nice to just be told how much you mean to everyone, the Flatterbox is a hit for men of all ages. Even younger men in their early 20s really appreciate the heartfelt sentiments, and you will definitely catch them reading them for years to come.

3. Donation

Every time I ask my dad for gift ideas he responds with “for everyone to be happy,” while I can’t promise him that everyone will be happy I try to make a few more people smile by making a few donations to his favorite charities in his name.

4. Subscription

Have they been talking about a new show on Netflix they really want to see? Do you catch them eyeing a magazine overtime you are in the grocery store? If so, a subscription may be the perfect gift.

5. Class

Does he want to start something new? Maybe take a cooking class or rock climbing class that he has been talking about trying.

Do you have any good gift ideas for him?

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