Random Acts of Kindness

Jessica Jones

A few weeks ago my friend called me on her way into work to let me know when she got her Starbucks that morning the person in the drive thru ahead of her paid for her coffee, but what she was more excited about was that she in turn paid for the person behind her. This got me to thinking, we should all strive to incorporate some random acts of kindness into our lives.


Here are some easy ways I have started to incorporate random acts of kindness into my life, and a few I am hoping to do soon.

1. Pay for the person behind you at the toll plaza.

2. 100 reasons why you love your significant other, perfect to write on a grab-n-go Flatterbox.

3. Smile.

4. Pick something up for a friend who is under the weather or just had a baby.

5. Write a letter to a member of the military (great one to do with the kids through Operation Gratitude).

6. Buy coffee for a stranger.

7. Read to the elderly.

8. Hold the door for someone.

9. Donate old clothes, toys and books.

10. Take food to the local food pantry.

11. Leave a large tip for your waiter.

12. Buy someone’s lunch or dinner.

13.  Help someone carry their bags.

14. Let someone in front of you in line.

Have you ever been on either the giving or receiving end of a random act of kindness?

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